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How to Study in Norway

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The Importance of Setting Goals and How to Succeed

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Goal setting is an important tool for success, but not only. From my own experience, setting goals is the most important tool for progress. I believe that progress is more important than success.  Whether you’re looking to get better grades in school, fix the relationship with your loved ones, advance in your career, become a successful business owner, or just get that house project done, setting goals can help you stay focused, and motivated. The 5 Rules of Goal Setting 1. Make your goals measurable. To make sure that you’re making progress, it’s important to set measurable goals. This means… Read More »The Importance of Setting Goals and How to Succeed

How To Make an Effective Study Plan for the Entire Semester?

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Planning for your semester is not complicated, but it is very important, in order to have a better control over your time and your studies during the examination period. Most of the students would not pay so much attention to their studies during the semester and end up spending 15+ hours per day studying weeks before the final exams. If you feel you are more of the second type of student, don’t worry, I got you covered too. Read my article on how to plan for studying during the examination period (I have done that plenty of times myself too… Read More »How To Make an Effective Study Plan for the Entire Semester?

What Type of Entrepreneur Do You Want to Be?

That’s right, you read it correctly. It is you who will decide which type of entrepreneur you want to become, not the other way around. Before diving into the 4 types of entrepreneurial people, lets take a moment to find out what is an entrepreneur and what does he/she do. … don’t be afraid to fail. You will fail here and there, and you are supposed to do so … Quantum Leap Grow What Is an Entrepreneur and What Does He/She Do? There plenty of definitions out there, but to keep it shortly and on the point, an entrepreneur is… Read More »What Type of Entrepreneur Do You Want to Be?

Should You Study Abroad? 9 Questions to Ask Yourself

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The short answer to this question is yes, you should. The long answer to the question requires a more in-depth analysis of who you are, what are your interested, how well you have defined your short-term and long-term goals, and how much of an adventurer you are. While I will be speaking from my own experiences, I will also include my friends experiences and all of the people that I have met throughout the years. I began my bachelor’s degree in my home country, went to Italy for an exchange semester, and did both my master’s degrees in Norway. I… Read More »Should You Study Abroad? 9 Questions to Ask Yourself

Eastern European Student in Norway Interview

 Continuing my journey of gathering more and more information and past students experiences, here comes the second interview with one my dearest friend and colleague. Find out about his application journey, his time during his studies in Norway, and what he did after he finished his master degree. Tell me a little bit about yourself (name – if you want, age, where you come from) Coming from an Eastern European country and am 31 years old. 2. What have you studied in your home country? (Where did you take your bachelor degree?) I did my bachelor in a rather small… Read More »Eastern European Student in Norway Interview

Egyptian Master Student in Norway Interview

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I have decided to share with you the experience of several master students that have studied in Norway. They will answer to some questions that I have prepared for them, about their application process, their life as international students in Norway and their life after finishing the studies. The first interview is with a very dear friend of mine, whom I met during my engineering master degree at NTNU. We used to be classmates, and became very close friends. Tell me a little bit about yourself (name, age, where you come from). My name is Amr, I am Egyptian, 36… Read More »Egyptian Master Student in Norway Interview

An International Master Student in Norway – The Application Process

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For those who are not familiar with my journey to Norway (read the article here), I’ll just mention that the desire to study in Norway did not come over night for me. I had this GOAL for 6 years, and I have worked towards it, NO MATTER WHAT. If you are curious about my journey to Norway, please feel free to read my blog post on that. Six years is a lot of time to be waiting for the fulfillment of one GOAL, I know, I know. But when I look at the benefits that I am collecting now, I… Read More »An International Master Student in Norway – The Application Process

My Journey to Norway

It all started 9 years ago, more precisely in 2012, when I decided to apply for an international master degree in Norway – who am I kidding, this started a long time before that, when I first came to Norway as an au pair, and fell in love with the country. That was before Romania was part of the European Union, and we actually needed a visa to be in Norway. Now we have it so easy. Just buy a flight ticket and 5 hours later … BAM! you are in Norway. After I finished my high-school, I found a… Read More »My Journey to Norway