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Eastern European Student in Norway Interview

Continuing my journey of gathering more and more information and past students’ experiences, here comes the second interview with one of my dearest friends and colleague. Find out about his application journey, his time during his studies in Norway, and what he did after he finished his master’s degree….

An International Master Student in Norway – The Application Process

For those who are not familiar with my journey to Norway (read the article here), I’ll just mention that the desire to study in Norway did not come overnight for me. I had this GOAL for six years, and I have worked towards it, NO MATTER WHAT. If you are curious about my journey to Norway…

Egyptian Master Student in Norway Interview

I have decided to share with you the experience of several master’s students that have studied in Norway. They will answer some questions I have prepared for them about their application process, their life as international students in Norway, and their life after finishing their studies. The first interview is with a very dear friend of mine,…


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